Friday, 9 November 2012


In the name of Allah
the most Gracious
and the most Merciful~

maybe this entry is the sound of my heart~
just like a diary and totally this is not a fake.

tomorrow I will seat for MUET paper
and you know what?
I want to cry cry and cry~

you will not understand how give up I am right now (!)
this is really too painful.
I cant understand myself anymore.
and this situation makes me not strong enough -.-

I know that my english is too many broken.
but, do I care (?)
perhaps by writing my hearts diary in this entry will give me some passion (!)
hopefully, for those who are so genius in this international language get off from this entry -.-
a deep sorry from me.

I believe that my housemates have a very impressive preparation.
and I need to admit that I feel really small when compared to them.
even I got A for SPM in English,
it is totally not enough :'(
am i too cruel (?)

let I tell you the truth~
I am not ready yet for MUET :'(
and because of this, 
I cant focus in my eleven minutes study (!)

reading (?)
praise to Allah~
i believe that only Allah can help me.
yes, I have done a good preparation for this.
doing 40 reading exercises.
and yeah, improving my vocab totally (!)
thanks Allah.
I am just wondering (?)
am I too good in having relationship with Allah (?)

writing (?)
a factual writing (?)
praise to Allah too~
Allah gives me some advantage in thinking out of box.
I am always worried about my vocabulary. 
and you know what (?)
my grammar in not too good, perhaps -.-

listening (?)
I need to admit that I am not good in this part -.-
once again, only Allah can help me (!)

"umi, kak lin rasa takut sangat sangat."

my mum only keep in silent.
and this reaction makes me more nervous.

let I tell you the truth~
I miss Allah too much :'(
I miss tazkirah too much~

how can I focus in my revision (?)

I ask my ex-kisasian friends~
have you prepared for MUET (?)
they just answer not yet~
this confusing me too~
am I the only one worry about MUET (?)

only person who concern about me will read this entry.
yeah, i love you (!)

I am sorry~
i need to deactive my facebook and twitter.
I think the time has come~
the time to be selfish.
I do not want to concern about them who do not think I am important in this world.
yeah, I know I am nothing.

thanks to a "kind" boy~
because you are too kind to trow away my trust towards you.
I need to admit here that I adore you since form four.
but I am sorry~
when I asked Allah for the right path,
Allah showed me who are you actually (!)
please stop pretending.
I hope Allah will always be with you.
Allah gives you too much knowledge about religion 
and you are perfect enough to give advise with a good fatwa
but I am sorry~
you are not good enough yet -.-

I think my dear friend who is otai enough is better then you in respecting girls :')

this is not your false
but my false (!)
I am absolutely nice in making conclusion bout you at first.

last but not least~
all of us can be a good pretender
but dont forget that He is looking at us right now (!)


.:: I am a simple human strive for success and also strive for ISLAM ::.

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snabsnis said...

Lin please be calm..
I know you have prepare well for this coming muet...
put all your trust in Him...